Hey there! My name is Harrison Flatau and I want to help you with your writing needs.

Writing has been a constant companion for me alongside my wide range of professional and personal interests. I love the process of diving head first into a topic and surfacing with a headful of new knowledge. No matter what form or style of writing I engage in (articles, blogs, how-tos, newsletters, etc.), my goal is always to distill the subject matter into concise, logical, and easily digestible bites.

“Clarity is king” was a piece of advice I received early in my writing career. I’ve since adopted that phrase into a professional mantra for myself. It’s a simple statement, and kind of obvious. However in our current times, it’s important to break through the signal-to-noise ratio. To be clear is to be understood. To be understood is invaluable.

In short, I’m a communicator. It doesn’t matter if the topic is serious, silly, complicated, or straightforward. I want to help you share your ideas with the world. If you have a project in mind, need some editing, or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, then please reach out and drop me an email. Let’s talk!

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